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Scam Alert- Tell your Kids!

Microsoft has an alert out to watch for a scam targeting players of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox 360.

The hugely popular online game has a messaging system that is being used for “phishing attempts”.

Phishing messages are designed to steal your identity. They ask for personal data, or direct you to websites or phone numbers to call where they ask you to provide personal data. In this case, the messages are coming through the game’s messaging system so, unless you too are playing these games, the message is going to go to your kids!

What does a phishing message look like?

Phishing messages take a number of forms:

  • In this case it is likely to appear as if it is coming from Microsoft.
  • They might ask you to make a phone call. Phone phishing scams direct you to call a phone number where a person or an audio response unit waits to take your account number, personal identification number, password, or other valuable personal data.
  • They might include official-looking logos and other identifying information taken directly from legitimate websites, and they might include convincing details about your personal history that scammers found on your social networking pages.
  • They might include links to spoofed websites where you are asked to enter personal information.

    But, you might be thinking, it’s my kid, what could he do?

    Well, my one of my sons just bought a Map Pack with a credit card so if he got a message telling him that he input his number wrong and to please call with a current card….he might be fooled!

    But, not anymore, because he’s been warned!  (and we took the entire box away but that’s another blog!)


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